1. Well in my opinion I thought suicide Squad was a good movie. Their choice of music was good, they're acting was good, they had a a decent good plot, and that's all I'm going to say because I know people are going to criticize on any opinion that I have

  2. Leto had no funny lines or moments, no scary lines or moments, no quotable lines, no memorable moments and not sadistic or violent enough. Not a good Joker at all. I think it's mostly the studio's fault tho on forcing that edgy gangster look. ugh … I felt like Jared's Joker cared TOO much for Harley. Like, he came back for her with a helicopter and everything? Their whole relationship felt too "lovey-dubby" which is weird because he was the Joker…(allegedly)

  3. SERIOUSLY why do all the good shows ALWAYS get cut/canceled/axed/stabbed in the back as the horrible ones get left standing. WHY? It Sucks, especially when a season ends with a cliffhanger & then us "fans" are left WANTING‼️😡😡😡😡

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