1. Apple Pay only takes a few days to transfer money if you want to transfer the money into your bank account. If you are using Apple Pay to make payments at places, then you can just leave the money on the Apple Pay cash card where can be use instantly within seconds of receiving a payment

  2. Samsung Pay is awesome, it works most of the time for me. Only downside is that sometimes, you have to play around with where you position the device. My Gear S3 needs to be away from the swipe terminal like 2 inches in order for it to work. I rarely use my phone, it's a pain to be adding my card twice.

  3. Wow, that is weird, her in Australia every place support NFC payments, I have never been anywhere that doesnt support NFC, legit places in the middle of the Australian outback that support it.

  4. I just swipe credit card and use cash. This feature is so damn useless unless you ordering something online. I know people sometimes leave their wallet and purse behind but what happens if their phone was dead checking out.

  5. I love Samsung pay. Some lady yelled at me "WE DONT ACCEPT THAT HERE"..5 seconds later the receipt was printed and I just looked at her, smiled and said thanks 😂

  6. I would go for a traditional credit/debit card because its not difficult to carry an almost weightless piece of card in your wallet. This is just playing gimmicky.
    Imagine a situation where you don't have your card and your phone stopped working from a drop or software issue. Its always good to have an extra option but it is not yet time to leave everything to our smartphones.

  7. In my country Apple Pay is the majority, we can use it at 7-11, Carrefour, supermarkets but rarely accepting any kinds of mobile payments at the food stands or small shops/stores

  8. Well the thing is most of these new small stores around my area all have Apple iPad systems installed. I'm finding most places use the Apple method. So Samsung pay is a no for me and I own a Galaxy S9. These tech companies need to really try their best to work together and help us consumers out.

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