1. I think whether you agree with him or not, we should really focus on the fact that he politely voiced his opinion and got fired because it wasn't politically correct.

  2. The memo in a nutshell: Even with everything Google has done, there is a clear difference between the number of men and women working at Google. There are documented, general differences between men and women that Google hasn't taken into consideration that may help show us why this discrepancy exists. There are steps Google can take to attack the problem from a different angle that could net better results in its diversity efforts.

    He was fired for this. He was fired for daring to voice his ideas of how to create more diversity in a more natural way. Why was he fired? Because he didn't cater to the current PC idea that any mention of the differences between men and women (in general) is sexism. This in the face of the fact that it's those differences that the PC culture champions as the very reason we NEED diversity.

  3. You guys are so blatantly biased it's off the charts! You have completely mischaracterized everything about this case. Supporters are saying he is using proven scientific research to justify the position that uneven distributions between men and women are t least in part due to differing aptitudes and desires. Research done in 55 countries show gender gaps get larger in more egalitarian societies as people are free to choose their own career path and life choices. Hence, inequality does not necessarily mean there is discriminations. Hence adopting what appear to be illegal hiring practices, and creating a corporate culture that is unable and unwilling to listen to apposing views may not be a good thing. Also the legal case has nothin to do with first amendment rights. The case revolves around whether or not Google violated EEOC regulations related to retaliation against whistle blowers, and whether or not Google's hiring practices are in fact illegal. My God you people are complete SJWs serving as an echo chamber for Neo-Marxist propaganda. Some reasonable people believe individuals should be judged based on the individual merit and not immutable characteristics. Some reasonable people believe that the only diversity that matters is the diversity of ideas. People like MLK.

  4. I do think in somethings, minorities need a little bit of an advantage but not in the tech field, its pretty far in everyday possible. Its just that some races and genders are just not as interested in it

  5. I disagree with the title. Google is, probably, the most diverse company in the world. I think the memo actually highlights the need for freedom of speech. I don't agree with the memo but it pains me to know that he author lost his job because of it –
    particularly when Google holds it self as a place of tolerance .

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