1. I might just get a Samsung next time after all. I hope Google loses a lot in terms of Pixel 3XL sales and realize that just because people are fans of Pixel it doesn't mean they'll bend over backwards every time a STUPID "feature" (i.e. that fcking NOTCH!) is introduced. Unlike Apple fans, we have lots of other choices.

  2. On the subject of "Notches" – I'm glad everyone is copying it, makes it not so special anymore. Now can we please go back to normal phones with Killer internals & gradually reduce bezels as tech gets better. πŸ™‚

  3. Nice segment, I wish that I could subscribe to the CNET segments that interest me, rather than being bombarded with a barrage of videos that hold little interest for me, therefore I no longer subscribe.

  4. I'm fine with that notch on the top but the bezel for stereo speakers at the bottom of the Pixel 3 XL looks the worst. There is no point in getting that notch if you can't remove the bottom bezel just like the iPhone X. I hope you are hearing what we're looking for Google.

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