1. Great review by Brian Tong! Terrible product by Apple. Brian was VERY kind by saying this is for someone already invested in the Apple ecosystem. In reality, most people with the latest iPhone already have a stereo system that sounds better and can be easily to connected to the phone and other devices. Even if you don't, it cost less to get Alexa or Google Home and a Hi-Fi stereo that will sound WAY better than the HomePod.

    This product is a bad joke for fans and Apple stockholders. Tim Cook has to go if it requires an emergency meeting to get him out.

  2. Brian, I am from Louisiana and know many, many, small towns and Bruce Lee is not one of them and I am glad you told Siri it is not. LMAO I would know about it and have been there because I am a Bruce Lee fan big time. That is a REALLY BAD LYING APPLE! 😂

  3. This is no tech review. A person makes a thing and it works as advertised. You buy it to review, find that it does what it says, and you start complaining that it does not do some other thing. You may not like that but such opinion is not a tech review. It is a social commentary. You just entertain fellow downers. A few weeks later you’d return and apologize just as you did for AirPods. If you would not rise to the level of proper reviewers, I will have to unsubscribe you. I don’t need social commentaries when looking for product reviews.

  4. Who puts speakers in the middle of the room?

    All the speakers I've seen in real houses are placed in areas where they benefit from directional sound waves, rather than 360 degrees sound propagation, that bounce of all sorts of obstacles.

    If most speakers are placed flush against a wall, or inside entertainment cabinets, or on TV stands, then the value of a 360-degree speaker is severely diminished. There's a reason you don't see DJ's, or any audio professionals, using 360-degree speakers at events.

  5. So if this video isn’t bashing, what is it doing? When are people going to get over the fact that Apple is walled off to anyone but Apple ecosystem? Get over it. As far as Spotify. Why would Apple make it easy for a competing product?

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