1. You know, now that I think about it… The iPhone XS Max isn't very behind the Note 9 like how most people say. It's got a bigger screen in a smaller form factor, higher-end materials (i.e. stainless steel body), an equally nice OLED screen, expensive Face ID hardware, a faster processor, 512 GB, 3D Touch, 120hz touch refresh rate, e-SIM, a higher water resistance rating, better speakers, and more… Of course, the Note 9 has more ram, expandable storage, an S-Pen, (imo) better OS, etc. But the iPhone used to be so behind their Samsng counterparts in all these aspects, but they've really improved VEEERY slowly, and have more or less caught up. Now if only they can include a DAMN FAST CHARGER, re-include the dongle, and not overprice it so much….

  2. I see so many more iPhone users walking around without a case. And I also see many more iPhone users with busted up phones. Phones, including my Oneplus 5t, are like slick pieces of soap. Walking around without a case is just foolish. It's like driving around in a car because you know you'll never crash. I never though I'd be in a tumbling rollover crash, but I was. Seat belts on. Cases on.

  3. You dropped it like on the edge several times, and it didn't hit on the back like a real hit, so the video doesn't count, you should redo it and try to make a real test, it seems like you're advertising the phone lol

  4. I’m of the opinion that this real-world test makes more sense to casual consumers than any Hardness value from a lab. Apple seems to have designed the device to be more bottom heavy, that way it almost always lands on it’s side/bottom; Also makes for an ergonomic device to hold.

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