1. Google photo storage is awesome. It works really great for me. I've never had data issues uploading plus you can set it up to only back up on WiFi so that is a specious argument. Also I don't mind the notch at all. I love the new phones and especially the screening. But I have the 2 so really no need to upgrade yet so I'm going to wait

  2. $900 That too much money for a phone that looks dated right out of the box.

    If you buy this now, in a year, you'll just want to upgrade it because it will look so ugly compared to everything else on the market.

  3. Dear Google,
    Don’t make a notch even worse just in an attempt to not copy iPhone. And if you’re gonna copy other brands, at least do it well or make it better than the original

  4. I hate notches, but I love Google (phones). I really just wish they added 2 more Gigs of ram. I hate having to reload an app or have an app shut down cuz I'm doing to many multi windows or some such. And no, I don't really want to go back to Samsung because that camera is still amazing (even more so now). I love the immediate updates, the cloud, and 128 gigs is more than enough for anything. Just freaking add more ram! Ugh.

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