1. Rebooting matrix is like rebooting Indiana jones, it's blasphemy😱 a cult classic now. I agree, a prequel would be fine, like the Alien Franchise has been doing…but redoing, PLEASE DON'T. It's so sad that studios & ppl are "so out of ideas" that they're remaking old movies……😰 How sad is this that no one can come up with an original idea & make a great movie anymore……is there where we're at now! & going to be seeing for the future of Hollywood (Ghostbusters, Footloose, etc…..). This would be a mistake. Some one somewhere needs to just SAY NOPE, TO this reboot movie idea!
    Hey, I know, let reboot the Bible, why not right, it old, a classic, history, & part of human culture….so why not! But what do know…
    Cheers, A

  2. I'd rather have someone else do it. I was definitely NOT a fan of ready player one and I love VR and gaming in general.
    It would be better for them to not reboot it if they're potentially going to tarnis the matrix name.

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