1. The future integration of Linux and Chrome OS when it finally hits the Stable Channel is likely to be a game changer for a lot of people! In other news relating to Chrome OS, Adobe's Project Rush is meant to be a fully cross platform video editor that they've even worked with Google to ensure it works great on Chromebooks. Really anticipating that!

  2. Google should look into buying or teaming up with Nvidia Shield and Steam. The Nvidia Shield TV runs Android, has Google Assistant, built-in Chromecast and all the main streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc..) on top of all the games Nvidia Shield makes, which they fall short on and Steam would come into play. If the Nvidia Shield TV could somehow run steam games, I'd throw my money all over that. Especially if Nvidia brought back they're tablet with front facing speakers to mirror or run steam games as well.

  3. Streaming wont do us junk if we cant get internet out to more areas. Suddenlink still refuses to install lines in our area even though they own the market for our area.

  4. I absolutely love this show. It help me keep up with the technology currently. I am in high school and don’t get much free time, with an additional job. Even if the video is short it is really helpful. Keep up the good work on this series, and thanks for making these videos!!!

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