1. I do love the keyboard on my s9+ it's just so much easier for me now. Samsung has really improved their apps, but I still don't use the email app and a lot of other apps by Samsung that I wish they will deleted or allow use to delete them.

  2. After 3 months it's getting slowdown like a hell . TBH s6+ is far better with 4 gb memory . It's getting hang end of the day . Out of RAM all the time. Even closing apps and running device maintenance . Idk what to do really this phone is sucks . When the ram is available it's a world powerful Android phone . When the ram is reduced to 300 mb . Phone sucks . The only thing I like is battery backup it comes allday . Phone never get hot . Display is good. Soundquality is good . Except the ram management phone is pretty perfect . The only thing is restart the phone twice a day based on usage .

  3. I love my S9 but only problem I'm having with it is this speaker to text it sucks, this Is actually the only time it's actually worked, does anyone else have this problem?

  4. 3 months later. What sort of review is this?? If you keep pressing the Bixby button and you don't use it, disable it. It's hard to understand what you was trying to get across in this review!!

  5. Still loving my S9+ overall. The only things that suck so far is the lack of updates. I just got the June patch which is about dang time since its been stuck on the Feb patch since I bought it a week after release. Its annoying how the latest android is 8.1 but stuck with 8.0 here. 😔 Not being able to repurpose the bixby button is irritating. I am glad we can disable it at least but it would be nice if we could use it for something else. Come on Samsung if people pay top dollar for this, dont restrict us how we want to use our device. What really bums me out is it was only limited on the color options available in Us I really wanted the titanium gray but was only able to get the standard black.

  6. Beautiful and simple review. No hype no unnecessary gripe, just a honest take on one of Samsung's best ever! Thank you Madam. I'm subscribing. You have a beautiful demeanor. Looking forward to more reviews from you.

  7. 3 years and still love my S6. Samsung stopped supporting and updating S6. It us just a 3 year old phone and still has long life. Unfortunately, I'm not buying Samsung again..

  8. Oh Damn, either insure your device to use it naked in its all glory or use a bumper. Bumper gives fall protection without sacrificing the looks.
    Edge screen: use direct call, one tap calling your favorite contacts, its awesome
    Samsung Pay: it is just magical, leave your wallet at home
    Edge Notification: Just so eye catchy and soothing to see
    Bluetooth: the range and connectivity is just so good with Samsung connect
    AOD: it changes the way you use the phone. Use it once and if you bounce to a phone which does not have it you'll the how big of difference it makes.

    These are the best features of the Edge devices.

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