1. I agree with the person below your Russia thing is a conspiracy theory to most but you try to push it as if it's not. I've attempted to search these people yesterday and you could not find them ie: shadow banned but nice try to push your agenda

  2. Vice News, Axios, Gizmodo all recognize that Twitter has shadow banned prominent conservative accounts so I’m not sure where you are getting your information from. Strike that, you are repeating what Twitter has said. Yes , they are not being “banned” but they are being hidden from users. Vice News also confirms that politically liberal users are not hidden from its search engine. That’s a curious “mistake”.

  3. I don't know if Twitter is "shadow banning", but I sure have seen many Republican and Conservatives getting banned and unverified on twitter . This is a valid concern, especially since Twitter has come under fire over it in the past. It's no different than Patreon actively preventing conservative's from using their platform. The problem I have is the clear blatant downplaying of real valid concerns, just because you aren't a conservative or republican doesn't mean you should mock them. Especially seeing as this can end up happening to liberals who aren't "progressive enough". It's all fun and games until you're on the wrong end of things.

  4. The only way the Left can get people to agree with them is by brainwashing people by manipulating informantion… When people are free to hear the truth, they naturally become Conservatives.

  5. But they do a form of shadow banning. If you list replies to a popular twitter post, you won't see shadow banned people until you get to the very bottom & it says "show more replies" . These are the shadow banned people.

  6. While it is good to know about shadow banning, why are we talking about this rather than celebrating Putin's victorious performance in Helsinki? That guy is a boss.

  7. You're underplaying and mocking right leaning individuals valid concerns. Using high pitched voices while stating their claims and calling them conspiracy theories instead of just reporting on it shows your bias in this scenario. Don't treat someone's views as invalid as if they're a child just because it doesn't fit your agenda or align with your views. The main story here was that Twitter was supressing right sided individual's voices (which is completely true but you barely mentioned it and just played it off) not the rumour of shadow banning accounts.

  8. Social media will always have an agenda and try to silence anyone against it, shadow banning is just another form of silencing what they don’t like, doesn’t just mean someone’s spamming. Twitter is the worst.

  9. This liberals has the audacity to make a video to lie about shadow banning.

    Republicans have been getting banned de social media since 2015 over what liberales consideración proper conduct which is anything that goes against the agenda.

    I gave you a dislike you lying ass liberal

  10. But shadowbanning is happening on twitter. And if you are afraid of straight banning enraging trolls… just wait how mad they will get when they figure out they have been shadowbanned instead.

  11. I had bridget on the highest regards possible, but after this hypocrite attempt to spreading fake news and saying the President is lying, she's now below the surface for me.

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