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10 Thoughts to “4 rooms in your home that deserve a smart speaker”

  1. yea sure, just order heavy products online to be shipped to your house.
    no checking for sales or coupons or the best price in town …………just let a computer order it at most likely a higher price than you could have bought it by shopping around locally.
    And people wonder why they have no money.

  2. look at mister big shot with 4 rooms in his house

  3. Haha, you forgot to say the bathroom!

  4. So, if I place my echo in the bathroom, the steam from the hot shower won't ruin it?

  5. So, yeah every room. The point of this video is….

  6. Conclusion: every room in your house

  7. "Smart speaker" my ass. How about "smart microphone "? Are you all brainless sheep or are you just being paid by large corporations to sell this crap?

  8. “family game night”? who does that?
    also, no thanks to echo spot with camera in the bathroom.

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