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25 Thoughts to “A Jared Leto Joker movie, E3 leaks galore and a Jordan Peele deal | Stream Economy #7”

  1. Now a Jack Nicholson Joker film would be really cool.

  2. After seeing Kevin Spacey casting in a movie titled"Bilionaire Boys Club",I believe in anything coming from Hollywood.

  3. Great show Ashley!!! But are those glassless glasses?!

  4. all what she want female vaginal superhero movies. i rather watch jared shito thing

  5. Can she get anymore annoying

  6. What an original show. Blew me away. Yay.

  7. Is this a parody of Mad Money’s w Jim Cramer? But like for entertainment?

  8. Nov 7, 2017 is well over a year late? smh

  9. I like this new gig Ashley. Keep it up!

  10. I like your energy and enthusiasm, good show

  11. Well in my opinion I thought suicide Squad was a good movie. Their choice of music was good, they're acting was good, they had a a decent good plot, and that's all I'm going to say because I know people are going to criticize on any opinion that I have

  12. Wow…. Couldn't watch the whole episode. This lady was way too hard to watch.

  13. Jared Leto did a great modern day joker I like it and I would like to see his stand alone movie

  14. I really like this show the format is great

  15. Leto had no funny lines or moments, no scary lines or moments, no quotable lines, no memorable moments and not sadistic or violent enough. Not a good Joker at all. I think it's mostly the studio's fault tho on forcing that edgy gangster look. ugh … I felt like Jared's Joker cared TOO much for Harley. Like, he came back for her with a helicopter and everything? Their whole relationship felt too "lovey-dubby" which is weird because he was the Joker…(allegedly)

  16. p b

    That old ladies voice is far to high pitched, harsh!!!!!!

  17. SERIOUSLY why do all the good shows ALWAYS get cut/canceled/axed/stabbed in the back as the horrible ones get left standing. WHY? It Sucks, especially when a season ends with a cliffhanger & then us "fans" are left WANTING‼️😡😡😡😡

  18. I still find it funny that if the Dark Knight movie was in the DCEU it would be the best by far 😂

  19. Why do i feel like shes trying to make my buy fake jewelry or a doomsdayer 250pack of canned food.

  20. You guys sure like that guitar riff

  21. I love you and your glasses. 😍

  22. Woah woah woah, Ashley looks waaay different 😯

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