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42 Thoughts to “Amazon Prime Video finally comes to Apple TV (Apple Byte)”

  1. Nope, the battery didn't improve, 50% gone before I reach half of my daily activity, like only 30% of my daily activities already ate up 60% of battery! and laggier than previous iOS! get your shit together Apple

  2. What's a computer? Said by the girl who uses her iPad in a tree

  3. Too cool for school Barb said
    “What’s a computer”
    That’s just embarrassing!

  4. What’s a computer?
    Apple next ad: what’s a google?

  5. when is apple takes the advantage of OLED

  6. That she was using her iPad in the 🌲!!! I mean come on Apple you could have leaft that part out.

  7. “What’s a computer?” I actually thought the commercial was good BRIAN

  8. Geee brian did you really have to ask??

    “What is a computer???”


  9. “What’s a computer?” starts typing on an iPad advertised as a computer

  10. “What’s a computer” from the ad. Can’t wait for my wireless charger! 🤩

  11. Ya boi thought it was a major offense when that ginger girl (WOAH keep it PC) I mean redhead young lass was asked, "Whatcha doin on ya computer?" by her neighbor. Quite respectfully I might add, to which her very brief response was, "Whats a computer?" before ignoring her and returning to her iPad!

    Kids these days!

    wait im only 22 0.0

  12. "What's a computer?"
    I did the best thing a human can–

    copied one of the comment from down below, now just give me the charging pad!

  13. “What’s a computer?”

  14. What's a computer? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. When too cool for school knock off Barb says "What's a computer"…

  16. The girl asked What’s a computer? Not knowing that’s her iPads grandpa 👴🏼

  17. What's a computer??😂😂

  18. 🔫 hand gun! Sorry apple users you just see a water gun now cause your master Tim crook says he doesn't like them on his iPhones..

  19. “What’s a computer?”
    Really Apple? 😔😔

  20. When the little girl said "whats a computer…."

  21. “What’s a computer” lol

  22. Great apple because grand tour will be out Friday.

  23. It was. “What is a computer?”
    Seriously even my three month old baby knows what a computer is. 👶🏻 💻👋🏼

  24. It was. “What is a computer?”

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