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35 Thoughts to “Apple buys Shazam and makes it official (CNET News)”

  1. I think Android Shazam users are screwed

  2. You better believe they’ll implement the same music identifier on the lock screen like pixel

  3. No more support Apple Watch for free?

  4. i wonder if apple will remove or even ruin shazam on android mhmm….

  5. What happens to android shazam users….😥

  6. Wonder of Apple will try to implement it's own now playing feature on the next iPhone and make it seem like it's something new


    (lol ahahahhaha)

  8. Buying Shazam is not about Apple Music. Surely the guys at CNET know this. Shazam is a key player in AR as well as obviously a market leader with their tagging tech. Using Shazam’s IP with relation to AR and ID tags to beef up their in house tech and leapfrog Google Lens is the goal with this.

  9. I hope Apple buys Pixelmator soon to compete with Adobe.

  10. They got a good deal on it. Why not buy it?

  11. windows phone had built in feature for a long time now where it will detect the songs

  12. Do people actually use Apple music?

  13. No wonder they delay the Homepod. Siri is really dumb to figure out what song is playing, along with everything else as well. Siri seriously needs an OVERHAUL.

  14. Uh, Shazam is still a thing? Google does Shazam better than Shazam.

  15. Is nothing sacred anymore…Shazam was one of my favourite apps

  16. what'll happen to shazam for Android?

  17. Message to Apple. Don't screw this up… -sincerely, Android users

  18. Too much consolidation. Break up Apple.

  19. thats why i use soundhound

  20. SIRI just got a huge upgrade.

  21. I'm about to delete Shazam

  22. Download Shazam now fellow Android users! She might be a gonner🤕

  23. Apple bought Shazam?!?
    Wait what's Shazam?

  24. Am I the only one surprised that Apple actually had the courtesy this time around to buy them rather than steal/copy their stuff like they have done to other companies?

  25. Lol. They could have downloaded it for free.

  26. Now Google will buy SoundHound … Wait for it lol

  27. I thought Snapchat bought shazam

  28. We are gonna be charged, it’s definitely not gonna be free

  29. Im surprised Google didnt buy it

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