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19 Thoughts to “Can we guess the Galaxy S9’s celebrity AR emojis?”

  1. AR emojis are just awful.

  2. It's annoying how he keeps using the front facing camera for the ARemoji, just use the rear camera it's so much easier 😢

  3. the 3DS and Wii U's camera for mii maker is OBVIOUSLY better

  4. So stupid it is not meant for that it meant for you to take pictures from real human.

  5. Haha too funny. I'm a Samsung fan but Sammy should have left this out of the S9s

  6. if this was apple it would be much better

  7. The Donald Trump one actually looks like Boris Johnson

  8. It's fun and putting smile on every one of you present there. Not creepy by any means, as claimed by so many youtube reviewers.

  9. Samsung : we have revolutionized ar with AR Emoji using the amazing Roblox 2.0 graphics engine

  10. This is laaaaaammmeeeeee!

  11. k

    Stop it cnet, report on actual news

  12. God the s9 emoji thing is such trash. Where did they get the tech from the wii?

  13. AR emoji is Samsung’s last minute competition to Animoji

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