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20 Thoughts to “Change the color of your clothes with an app”

  1. notification squad Love CNET videos.!

  2. It takes 5 seconds to change your shirt/jacket. Is that smart enough for you?

  3. It's not RGB, nor are the color changes that visible.
    And that car battery… Not that women will feel the weight difference, from what they usually carry(bricks) in those things.

  4. Just a few steps away from criminals not needing to change their clothes to avoid detection. Great idea!

  5. Still waiting for e-ink clothes.

  6. Great! A toaster with handles.

  7. Unless it's powered by solar it is an utter waste of electrons.

  8. Have you got fabricly shocked ? xD

  9. Meanwhile syfy can't figure out how to sell me the expanse in the UK so they cancelled it

  10. One Step closer to the Octocamo Suit from MGS4!!!!

    ( ! )……

  11. Bridget Carey’s cool. She’s like the Liz Phair of nerds.

  12. This would only work in cold weather. Just because you could, doesn't necessarily mean you should……

  13. I'd love to own a backpack made out of that material.

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