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16 Thoughts to “Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy S9: Teardown”

  1. This guy speaks a lot and the camera angle is crap…learn to use zoom next time

  2. iPhone 6s+ 2 and a half years still running strong

  3. This video could easily be trimmed down by half if there wasn't so much redundant talk.

  4. Am I watching Cracks opening Samsung S9?, sorry I am not good in English!

  5. Max

    Nice! I like to see the iPhone 10 vs S9+ with a battery fast charge speed test, if you can get fast charge to work on the iPhone 10

  6. You could shoot the video from 200KM distance..


  7. I suppose it was for a good cause.

  8. i've lived for more than 30 years. but only until now I find out the use of a guitar pick

  9. Copying Jerryrigeverything Channel…you bunch of muppets at CBS / CNET…find new original content on your own….stop copying everyone because you are a huge company !

  10. Jerryrig is the only person I watch for teardowns

  11. Still jerryrig is everything!

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