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13 Thoughts to “Galaxy S9 vs. Razer Phone: A stereo speaker throwdown!”

  1. Don't forget that the galaxy s9 is water resistant and that probably effect the sound ( the Razer phone isn't water resistant!)

  2. I don't care if the Razer phone has a better speakers become the s9 is way better than him in any other way !

  3. The s9 stereo speakers are amazing!!!! I love my s9 do much !!!

  4. I like it. They having a conversation like a debate in their intro

  5. Unfortunately, the Razor is a GSM phone only.

  6. S9 speakers suprised me ( I have one), they are brilliant but I didn't expect it to come close to the razor phone

  7. Great review on the phones. Now can you tell me why the stud in the nose. Yuk

  8. or just get a wifi or bluetooth speaker lol…it will be miles better than any speaker your phone has

  9. I have a galaxy s9. I've had every iPhone and other phones and I have never had a phone with such amazing speakers as the s9! I love the layers and surround sound. You have to try it to believe it, all it needs is more Bass which I'm not sure is possible and that would be fantastic

  10. Saw title already new razer would win in loudness

  11. ….and I don't own any of them!

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