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14 Thoughts to “Honor 7A and 7C: Taking on Apple’s face unlock”

  1. Has headphone jack. Awesome.

  2. Why do reviewers assume every phone a challenge to iPhone? Every versus video is against iPhones.

  3. All about copying iphone.

  4. I don’t understand the need to be the fastest with face unlock. FaceID on the X is incredibly useful because you just pull your phone out and it unlocks while you’re reading your notifications, so you can just swipe up whenever you want to go to your home screen. Why would I choose speed over security and convenience? You’ll just have to drop down the notification shade once you’re in anyways. Next.

  5. des

    In my opinion, both phones make no sense, the price is almost the same.. only one was enough

  6. Metal design is looking super good!!

  7. Most important question is: Can we buy em without selling parts of our bodies?

  8. For those who didn't see it, the first video had the left side of the video in red colour.

  9. Why is the US banning the selling of technology to ZTE

  10. Hey, guys- we had to re-upload this video to fix a glitch. Sorry for the extra ping! Thanks for watching.

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