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14 Thoughts to “How to watch the Winter Olympics on any device (CNET How To)”

  1. Right now I am watching online with ScreenVariety. Olympics are available with no extra costs.

  2. Take subscription on ScreenVariety for a few dollars if you want to watch HD.

  3. People cnet forgot 100% free livestream of olympic channel

  4. Anyone know how to get vr on a htc vive?

  5. Or just watch it on the BBC for free

  6. So we could watch the Superbowl (aka Money Bowl) online for free, through several sources…but the Olympics are behind a pay wall? Figures.

  7. no one watches the olympics

  8. Pay to stream live? Hell no Thank you.

  9. Her twin sis is Vanessa Leg Orellana…I know it I know it

  10. Olympic ratings are falling, aren't they?

  11. Thanks for the update CNET, now I know to hit up NBC

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