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11 Thoughts to “HP Envy X2 and Asus NovaGo review”

  1. I wonder if you could run windows 10 on a galaxy s8

  2. I see windows 10 S in the bottom right-hand corner…. Is it possible to get enterprise or pro?? Because I saw the tech conferences when snapdragon 835 was first running windows 10 Enterprise using Photoshop as a demonstration.

  3. Is it Better than intel atom processor..? Or Intel mobile cpu is more powerful than snapdragon ..? And what's the gpu

  4. Not quite a review, more like a first look

  5. Here's an idea? How bout we make them without the spyware built into the system bios this time? Cool? Cool!

  6. I'll take the Surface anyday

  7. This is a game changer for low end laptops.

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