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20 Thoughts to “Microsoft E3 2018 Highlights”

  1. A TERRIBLE E3 CONFERENCE. Microsoft where are your games!! Halo an already known game and forza. REALLY? Others are just lame indie exclusives, and add content thats only exclusive to xbox WOW. No system seller games. No big new ips that are triple A. They probably had to beg for kingdom hearts and cyberpunk to come on the show because they knew it'd be a shitshow. Only reason worth watching were those 2 games. And tomb raider

  2. I hope they make halo for pc as well

  3. See Games through (Int _ _ net) …….that is CNET

  4. Just wait for the cancelation announcement for half of the games 3 months later.

  5. So little actual gameplay showed off, I’m a bit disappointed but this is what Microsoft usually does and the games turn out okay

  6. Cyberpunk looks interesting!

  7. Kingdom Hearts III 👀👀

  8. This year has an amazing line up! What's everybody looking forward to? Fallout looks awesome!

  9. Can't wait for Halo Infinite

  10. Max

    Gears of War 5 look amazing! mind blowing

  11. Stupid eventgiving small drops for a bunch of thirsty dumb ppl

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