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13 Thoughts to “New Show: Stream Economy on 4/27 | CNET”

  1. Oops, Stream Economy wasn't about conserving pee? Wrong video then.

  2. This is so hipster douche is pains me.

  3. Ashley make ur own channel like Brian

  4. No. Just no. Now I really miss Brian Tong.

  5. SOMBRA SHIRT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ashley is still gorgeous as ever I remember watching her youtube channel mobile nation then she went to techno buffalo channel now CNET meet up the great work and post more of your own content.

  7. Oh nooo she's back…sigh

  8. Cnet Always On needs revamped.

  9. Big fan of Ashley! Will be keeping tabs on this show 👍

  10. LOL!! Riiiiight. Nice try

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