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15 Thoughts to “Nintendo Labo: My 9-year-old’s verdict”

  1. What a clever 9 year old boy ! Sounds as if he really loved Nintendo Labo and understood how it works very well.

  2. Google cardboard is more fun….

  3. Scott is a badass! This felt like a glimpse into his personal life which was pretty cool. As a dad myself, I appreciate this kind of content. Nicely done!

  4. The kid sounds really bored with it. bet Nintendo bribed him with candy to say it's fun.

  5. cardboard that expensive???? pirating this would be soooooooooo easy plus the dude bellow me is an ashole

  6. i was hoping he would say working together with his dad was the best lol

  7. it’ll be fun for a little while but not more than a few days

  8. He’ll be working for CNET before he graduates

  9. Omg this kid is just like his dad!!!

  10. Good job dad! Nothing better than nerding out with your kid!!

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