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17 Thoughts to “Oculus debuts Dash ​and Home ​software interface for better control around VR apps (CNET News)”

  1. 10 more years until we get to the “Gamer” movie era

  2. This will be a great weight loss device because it will make you vomit at least once every hour keeping those hard to lose carbs out of your stomach.

  3. Why all this guys try so hard to speak like Steve Jobs? I'm bored with this kind of presentations

  4. Lol inb4 we already live in a virtual reality

  5. All these tech companies really loved Minority Report, eh?

  6. vr is not mainstream smh

  7. I can't they wouldn't just do a mixed reality presentation so people can actually understand what the hell there talking about

  8. If they can make this look and feel like minority report or however its like in those futuristic scifi movies then I am down with it.

  9. Before the matrix there was oculus rift.

  10. did Oculus glasses worke with Windows mixed reality?

  11. I can't watch porn while standing

  12. If only Microsoft stuck with their metro UI, it was ahead of it's time though full of inconsistencies. Now, they're falling behind again cause they listened to the critics.

  13. Looks good, just have to wait 4-5 years to get a slim headset

  14. all that matters is resolution! They are designing the car before the wheel has been invented.

  15. 🙁 I don’t wanna stand

  16. How about without the bulky headset? Have to wait 10 more years?

  17. Minority report, it's here at last 😱

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