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20 Thoughts to “Oculus Rift will now cost $399 (CNET News)”

  1. And i need a new computer to run it that cost me…. 1500 bucks

  2. It should called the summer of vomit because that's what you will be doing after using them for an hour.

  3. I'd buy it for $399 if it included the computer that's required to use it.

  4. At the time when our natural world being destroyed by human caused and jobs are being replaced by robot, virtual reality technology would finally become the essential thing for remained human.

  5. If it wasn't for PSVR they wouldn't have lowered the price.

  6. Now u see how overpriced it was to begin with! HTC vive u can walk around and so as with the others coming out! They doing this because they know soon market will be flooded with RV that is even better!

  7. Very Nice giving PSVR A run for its money

  8. Lmaoooooooo after Samsung/Microsoft teamed up and made that Samsung Odyssey Oculus and HTC will have to choice but to drop that price especially when Samsung is clearly better and u don't have to mount cameras sensors 🤣🤣✌🏾

  9. To be honest if they were cheaper even to the point where they are not pulling much if no profit at all or even loose money on the device to get the price to enter reasonable and there getting close now. Follow the Game dev's methodology and make the money up in services and other things VR might be a thing i love it and ive only used the phone version. I would invest into VR if it was not so expensive and there was more things to do with it. More adoption means more developers get interested so making it cheaper will solve the issue of things to do with it. I honestly use it simply in place of a monitor because the screen would be bigger and more private. Security sensitive work you don't want seen by others would be good use cases as well because only you can see what is on the screen

  10. They will suck your soul dry, brainwash you and then do some goverment grade experiments. ( insert x-files tunes)

  11. In 2017 ending any sentence with the word "period" isn't good for credibility. Just sayin…

  12. Htc vibe is still better 😒😒

  13. I have yet to see anything real enough that I would want to use. The little I have experienced it just wasn't good enough for a long time use. There is a lot of potential, and when they have the tech to make this a very lite and extremely high HD then and only then will there be something everyone will want. I can't wait, but I have been waiting for many years now and that is just what life is sometimes, waiting.

  14. I wonder if they are just trying to get rid of stock, they keep dropping the price, but I see no improvements.

  15. I will wait till china able to copy this shit and putting price like 99$ or 10

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