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22 Thoughts to “This device prints on beer”

  1. Hey Iyaz, where did you get that shirt from? It's really cool

  2. Didn’t know he was gay 🤔

  3. I cant imagine anything else more useless than this. Nice nails though.

  4. maybe he lost a bet… maybe he's transitioning

  5. Seriously f*** you! Worst clickbait ever f*** you

  6. I want to see the device that printed those nails!!

  7. Nail polish? All respect lost!!!!

  8. "Tastes like Roadshow"😂😂

  9. Room speening from all this gaynes 😂

  10. Not only nail polish he has on but also a ladies bracelet.. anyways.. this device is a no good for anybody..

  11. Wasn’t expecting Iyaz to be wearing nail polish lol

  12. For a small loan of $(Insert Price), you can own one of this

  13. Such wasted potential….

  14. Nailpaint choriya lagati h chutiye.

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