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28 Thoughts to “Use these apps and you won’t spend Galentine’s Day alone”

  1. HAPPY CARPET-MUNCHERS day everyone.

  2. What the hell happened to this channel? Stop trying to be like Vox

  3. Nothing that comes from the Far Left surprises me any more. They are mentally ill.

  4. Does this work for people who identify as women?

  5. That’s everyday. Women especially moms need a special day


  7. Ha!! This vedio is for lesbians

  8. What about malentines day lol

  9. Just check out the vid.They said it's for females to celebrate with their "gal pals!!" 😂😂😄😅

  10. Who wants to be my Galentine?

  11. All you have to do is watch porn and you won’t be alone.

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