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42 Thoughts to “Why mobile payments are a mess”

  1. I have Google pay but In still find myself taking out a card for payments, must be out of habit.

  2. apple pay works everywhere in toronto for me
    almost 99% of the time
    except for restaurants who still accept only cash payments

  3. In UK, we can pay with mobile phone everywhere, as long as your mobile phone has NFC. In Asia, it's kind of the norm now, and NFC payment is growing quite fast in Africa. I think the US is the only country not wanting to evolve, so do not generalise this.

    Another thing:
    Apple didn't introduce mobile payment, stop putting Apple pay in front when talking about mobile payment. Furthermore, what about Samsung pay?

  4. China has way ahead in ecommerce and epayment. Literally can only bring phone without a wallet.

  5. Samsung pay doesn’t require dedicared hardware, and it works pretty well

  6. haha BOOBIES upside down on the calculator!

  7. You need to visit China and have taste of future cashless life. You will be shocked! Mobile payment is already taking over.

  8. no alipay or wechat in States ?

  9. Oh your lacking a big drawback … Battery life. Imagine no batt no money

  10. I saw the star fleet screen saver…nice

  11. Talking about the mess about the mobile payment but no mention at all how Samsung Pay is so far the only technologie that just solve all that with the Magnetic Secure Transmission via the swipe slot… No more Brian Tong, and now that! I clearly done with CNET. Unsubscribe!

  12. Did someone say "standardization"?

  13. I have used Apple pay and Google Pay and they work have the time. What's the point if a business offers mobile pay and it does not work? It is one of the reason I am still using my card. I want to use mobile pay, way bother if it works half the time.

  14. Samsung Pay works literally everywhere, and in any country/area where credit cards are accepted. The only issue I've ever had is having to tap it twice (looking at you Starbucks)!

  15. She didn’t acknowledge Samsung pay because she already stated in the video Apple Pay is the most used mobile payment option

  16. In the UK, nearly every place has contactless. I use Samsung Pay for most transactions but do keep my wallet for those unexpected old terminals 😛 (Samsung Pay only uses NFC in the UK)

  17. OT: Bridget is so cute.

  18. Well, I guess India is sorted by implementing UPI 😛

  19. In the UK Apple Pay is pretty much supported and widely used everywhere

  20. I never — ever gave a video a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. But, in this one — I must give my first ever — thumbs down. Samsung pay was never mentioned in this video (at all); & Samsung Pay is easy to use, & smooth to use too. How can you (Bridget Carey), C|net, & whoever the producer(s), & writer(s) of this video are — leave out Samsung Pay. I think — I understand now — you must wanted to make a video — just to make a video, & you couln't think of some other topic, or another type of video to produce — so, you got together, & made this faulty topic. Furthermore, I understand C|net hasn't been making many videos recently. So, you must had to create something, & upload something / (put-out something). In my opinion this video is a disgrace. How can you not mention Samsung Pay? Oh, now I know why Samsung Pay wasn't mentioned in this video. Because, Samsung Pay actually works; & it works easily — therefore, it will make this video — 'pointless'. I am not sure if the word 'pointless' is the best word to use; but, it is the best word I can think of right now. Faulty video. I must now look into C|Net's parent company CBS. Maybe, CBS has some ties to Visa, or Mastercard, or American Express, or even Discover (Card). I will look into this — right now….Hopefully, that information is out there — somewhere…..

  21. Samsung Pay works with any payment terminal that accepts contactless payments or the more traditional method of swiping your card through the reader.

  22. One of the problems too not everyone uses credit or debit cards, so it would be nice to fund, but it's a mess, I know some do, but would be better if it could be improved.

  23. My credit union still doesn’t support any mobile payments so for me it’s still not a option.

  24. I've been using Apple Pay for a couple of years don't use my card much anymore.

  25. Walking in the street and complaining about something .Linustechtips

  26. Samsung pay works damn near everywhere

  27. Great coverage Bridget!

    In northern Virginia and DC a lot of places are starting to accept mobile payments. Unfortunately, the customer has to find out themselves because a lot of the merchant employees are aware if they accept it or not.

    My most successful experiences with mobile payments is with Best Buy. The employees are aware and all of the systems are updated and active.

  28. Google and Apple problem. Samsung people, give this a thumbs down.

  29. No I don’t use it, I travel way to much, try finding a place to use Apple Pay outside of the U.S, they don’t exist, maybe in Japan and a little bit in the U.K but that’s it, so if my credit card is anyway with me I prefer not going digital.
    It’s kind of the same with the new smart cars that they are working on, if they could change the whole system in one day taking off the streets all the none smart cars just like they have done with HD TV’s then it would be very easy every car would talk to the other around and no more traffic problems but mixing smart and no smart will not work or work but never perfectly.

  30. The non mention of Samsung Pay is laudable

  31. I can't believe you didn't acknowledge Samsung pay

  32. I actually use cash the majority of the time. Unless something exceeds ~$150, it’s cash. Otherwise, it’s debit against my checking account.

  33. I only use Samsung, I know people who have apple and they don't use it

  34. I was using Microsoft wallet with the 1 and only card in my wallet that it accepted (a visa credit card). Do to PayPal being my bank, lack of support in the wallet app and my device, I'm purely using my PayPal business debit card. The card has the chip, swipe and nfc.

  35. I forgot my credit card at a pub last week. And until I can get there I use Samsung Pay on my Gear S3. Also because my card is on the watch and I lock it with a pin I don't have to sign when I use my US cards in London where everything is tap to pay or chip and pin.

  36. Get a payment which integrates everything! Apple pay or Google pay or Samsung pay…or anything

  37. Samsung pay for like 95% of my outdoor payments.

  38. What about Samsung Pay?

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