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14 Thoughts to “Your next phone may get 5G like speeds on 4G (The 3:59 Ep. 356)”

  1. R l

    Has America gone total homosexual?

  2. But my iPhone has a shitty Intel modem😭

  3. Most 4G LTE modems today, support up to a PHY rate of 1 gigabit download speeds, but the PHY rate means nothing if real world speeds are effectively half the PHY rate in best case, but cell providers offer such slow service that none of the improvements have done anything to improve the real world experience.

  4. Doesn't the Samsung come with 5G radios ready ?

  5. Another reason to never give away a super premium phone for free with ads is that people can root/jailbreak it and remove that stuff.

  6. Wasn't the Segway hype that people thought it would be a true hoverboard?

  7. i had to read the title like 3 times to get what it means

  8. There's still plenty of life left in 4G LTE-Advance. We can get great speeds there. I really hope the USA Mobile Network Operators don't screw up advertising this time & mis-educate consumers like they did with 3G-HSPA calling it 4G. Cos it ain't. 4G is LTE. 5G will be NR.

  9. A lot still don’t even have good 3G maybe they should try to get everyone up to a decent speed

  10. I’m already getting crazy speeds on my moto z2 since my last update which increased the data speeds . Immediately after my data speed went from 50 or so gbps to well over 140 at minimum

  11. What the internet speed has to do with crypto currency mining? You just need a reliable connection, and fast GPU or CPU(or ASIC)…

  12. Criminals use the US dollar wayyy more than crypto currencies!

  13. Unnecessary they just roll out 4g with better coverage and it’s plenty fast enough.

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