1. The audio keeps fading in and out. At some point it gets too loud for my ears and the next instant it gets so low that I don't understand what the host is saying. Didn't expect such immaturity from CNET.

  2. Last year in my local area, there was a string of Verizon store robberies, one of the Verizon employees was actually murdered in the process. Thankfully the thieves were caught some time after. Until I saw this video, I didn’t even know why they kept robbing Verizon stores.

  3. Why Verizon is locking down your smartphone

    Because Verizon can't pretend to be the "good guy" for very long before they slip back into dictator robes. Now they're going back on a deal they made with the FCC, just to reimplement their control over customers, under the guise of protecting them. Protecting them from what, exactly? If someone steals your phone and sells it, it has the exact same effect in your life as if they steal it and trash it. Verizon isn't protecting anyone. They just hate letting their customers have the freedom to take their phone to another network, and want to make it as inconvenient as possible.

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